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  • American Anarchists: Army Veteran Believes People Should be Arrested for Burning the American Flag

    By Neil A. Carousso

    There is an uprising of violent riots, protesting conservatives and President Donald J. Trump’s policies. Oftentimes, anarchists set fire to the American flag and show utter disrespect for the United States of America.

    While clearly abhorrent, flag burning has been debated in the court system since 1907 with the Supreme Court of the United States ruling in 1989 that flag burning is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    Mangum, in "Walking in an Army Veteran's Shoes" by Carousso, holds a picture of him and his grandmother that was taken months before she died in 2012.
    Mangum, in “Walking in an Army Veteran’s Shoes” by Carousso, holds a picture of him and his grandmother that was taken months before she died in 2012.

    On Wednesday’s episode of “The Neil A. Carousso Show Podcast,” when asked about the rioting taking place across the nation, U.S. Army Veteran Rance Mangum expressed his anger when people burn the American flag that is the symbol of our freedom and our nation’s sovereignty for which people like Rance fought to uphold and protect.

    “It doesn’t do nothing. What does it represent for burning our flag? What does it do?,” remarked Mangum who dedicated his life to service between the military and service positions as an EMT and others. “When that flag flies high, our spirits and our morals are high, our values are high. It represents the United States.”



    Mangum told this reporter that people who burn and step on the American flag should be arrested.


    President Trump has brought the issue of flag burning to light on the campaign trail and during the transition period on Twitter and in interviews, making his position clear that people who burn the American flag should face “consequences.”

    The Chief Executive enthused a wave of nationalist voters who feel pride in the country they call home. President Trump tapped into the demoralization of people who felt left-behind by globalist policies.

    “You hear a lot of talk about how we’re becoming a globalized world,” then, President-elect Trump started in during a “Thank You Tour” rally. “There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag,” Trump exclaimed.


    President Trump is known to be affectionate towards the American flag, symbolizing his love for the country.

    To give back to those who serve for our nation’s freedom and our personal safety, contact us and we will ensure your time or donation of any sort goes directly to a U.S. veteran. Listen to Episode 4 for more information. “The Neil A. Carousso Show Podcast” is available on iTunes. It is recorded Mondays-Fridays.

    Featured Image Courtesy: Peter DaSilva/EPA.

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