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  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Strategic Multi-Media Business Relationship – Carousso Enterprises and NextCore Media, LLC.

    New York, NY – Wednesday, February 1, 2017 – Carousso Enterprises, owned by Neil A. Carousso, and NextCore Media, LLC, owned by Christian Ladigoski, have agreed on a strategic business relationship to bring unique, engaging and creative multi-media content to audiences through online platforms, including social media.

    Neil A. Carousso (left) and Christian Ladigoski are part of a team.
    Neil A. Carousso (left) and Christian Ladigoski are part of a team.

    Carousso Enterprises and NextCore Media, LLC are a team in the media and production industries. Carousso provides counsel and business expertise, while helping produce video and audio content, specifically small businesses that Ladigoski is reaching to market and brand businesses in the digital space. Carousso is available to conduct promotional interviews, make appearances and make speaking engagements on a case-by-case basis.

    “Christian and I have been working fervently to execute this business relationship and we are both excited to work everyday to make a substantial impact on the community, the country and the world through our work,” said Carousso in a statement. “We have already made a difference in our projects together over the last 3 years and I couldn’t be more excited to increase our platforms and engage more people in our enterprise content.”

    NextCore Media, LLC is effectively becoming the production and social media arm of Carousso Enterprises. NextCore Media, LLC specializes in engaging social media content. Ladigoski is an electrical engineer with an expertise in audio and sound production, producing all Carousso Enterprises audio imagery that is managed by Carousso.

    “Over the course of three years, I have been able to see Neil’s great potential for quality story-telling and the diversity/impact he has been able to make through his stories,” said Ladigoski. “I am excited to be partnering up with this platform in order to drive awareness to his content and make a difference while doing so.”

    Carousso and Ladigoski are personal friends and have been working together professionally since 2014. Their first project was an America’s Got Talent red carpet event in which Carousso interviewed supermodel Heidi Klum, “King of All Media” Howard Stern, comedian Howie Mandel, and musical artist and AGT host Nick Cannon. Ladigoski directed and edited the feature piece.

    Since then, Carousso and Ladigoski have produced many videos, including news, politics, sports and entertainment content and on-location credentialed access-only events. Ladigoski is directing Carousso’s new political talk and commentary program that airs February 12, 2017 on


    About Carousso Enterprises:

    Carousso Enterprises is owned by Neil A. Carousso.
    Carousso Enterprises is owned by Neil A. Carousso.

    Carousso Enterprises is a sole-proprietorship media content company focusing on enterprise reporting, unique news, political, business, sports, and entertainment content and coverage and fact-based opinion and commentary. Carousso Enterprises has endeavors in media, journalism and other business-related projects. It is the corporate brand and site of content produced for by Neil A. Carousso, president & owner of Carousso Enterprises. and Carousso Enterprises are owned and operated businesses and copyrights/trademarks, along with its respective logos, websites and products, of Neil A. Carousso under the Carousso Enterprises sole-proprietorship company and brand.

    About Neil A. Carousso:

    Neil A. Carousso
    Neil A. Carousso

    Neil A. Carousso is an Associated Press, Hearst Corporation, NY Press Club, Society of Professional Journalists and All Access Media Group award-winning multi-media journalist, producer and executive producer. He is an entrepreneur, who founded Carousso Enterprises – a sole-proprietorship company with endeavors in media content, news, sports, entertainment, among other media, journalism and business entities. As the President & Owner of Carousso Enterprises, Neil produces all content on and manages, the corporate website.

    Neil has launched his own news and political commentary program, discussing the important and relevant national news of the week with insightful, passionate and expert analysis. It is also an avenue to spotlight untold stories such as U.S. veterans treatment, immigration and small business growth. Neil takes calls via Skype from audience members of all different backgrounds and political ideologies with the purpose of increasing dialogue among people who would otherwise engage in divisive rhetoric or avoid each other because of their difference of political and life perspectives. 

    Neil also hosts a daily political podcast, available on iTunes, covering the major news, especially American politics from a unique perspective. Neil engages the audience with his likable patriotic, passionate and energetic style, driven to make a difference in the United States of America. Neil is an expert in business, economic, security and other political policy, providing bold solutions for America’s success. 

    Neil is a producer extraordinaire, booking and interviewing politicians, celebrities, Hall of Fame athletes, Olympians, inspiring individuals and various experts. Neil covers American politics, business news, international relations and national stories as it relates to the economy, security, immigration and veterans treatment as well as reporting and commentating on the 2016 United States presidential campaigns and election for the #1 news team in the country, WABC-TV New York, a college associate position with Fox News Channel in New York City and Carousso Enterprises, and on various political panels and talk shows.

    Neil also produces, executive produces and hosts various on-location talk shows at venues like the National Baseball Hall of Fame, U.S. Open Tennis Championship, Belmont Stakes, PGA Tour events, Empire Challenge and red carpet coverage. He was formerly the morning drive producer and host of Marconi award-winning WRHU-FM in New York, during his time at Hofstra University, where he graduates in May of 2017. Neil transcended WRHU’s variety morning talk show into a substantive and entertaining format, hosted by well-informed and engaging student hosts, including himself. The show allows for lively news, sports and political talk, expert analysis and interviews with notable guests, experts and politicians on topics including local and national politics and policy, national security, ISIS, immigration, civil unrest in parts of the country, local protests in New York City, the tragic disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370, health care, domestic violence and other local, national and international issues with debates, among other news topics mixed with entertainment features.

    In addition to his role as Morning Wake-Up Call producer and host, Neil produced and anchored “Newsline,” the Associated Press award-winning evening news broadcast on WRHU-FM. Neil is also the lead political reporter and producer of WRHU News’ annual election night broadcasts and coverage, including the 2016 presidential election, also acting as a stringer for 103.9 LI News Radio (WRCN-FM), a commercial station on Long Island. Neil has been a college associate, working with producers, hosts and correspondents at the Fox News Channel in New York City and an assignment desk intern with the Eyewitness News team WABC-TV. He has also worked as a sports update anchor and producer of the New York Islanders Radio Network with playoff games broadcast on WFAN-AM and FM and WCBS Newsradio 880 New York, and the Hofstra Pride Sports Network on WRHU.

    Neil embarked on his career at a young age, founding a school newspaper in junior high school and becoming the public address announcer for Saint Francis Preparatory School at the age of twelve. The “Voice of Saint Francis Prep,” created SFP TV, a live streaming service in which Neil served as the executive producer, sole sports broadcaster, news anchor and reporter. He spearheaded marketing and public relations initiatives, inking sponsorship deals with local newspapers and MSG Varsity, where he also served as a guest play-by-play sports broadcaster and general assignment reporter.

    A Provost Scholar student at Hofstra University, Neil will graduate with Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a double minor in Political Science and General Business on May 21, 2017. Neil resides in New York City.

    About NextCore Media, LLC:

    NextCore Media, LLC is owned by Christian Ladigoski.
    NextCore Media, LLC is owned by Christian Ladigoski.

    NextCore Media dedicates their vision to creativity and story-telling first and fore-most!

    They are a premium digital-media management and content creation company. They push to provide businesses and artists with the tools and resources for unique story-telling in order to fully enhance a brand.

    NextCore Media, LLC’s primary services include Social Media Management, Digital Ad Management and Website Development.

    What makes them unique from other companies is our ability to produce customized, high-quality content directly for businesses and creative people alike! How can you advertise your business without great content?

    Ranging from photography, graphics, videography, film, music, voiceovers and other creative services, NextCore Media, LLC can develop brands from scratch with high-quality content to provide enormous value.

    NextCore Media is a Limited Liability Company and full digital-operated business. All assets for the business are regulated and supervised by the Founder and CEO, Christian Ladigoski.

    About Christian Ladigoski:


    Christian Ladigoski.
    Christian Ladigoski.

    Christian Ladigoski defines himself as an entrepreneur, musician, sound artist and media expert. He is the Founder and CEO of NextCore Media LLC – a Digital Management and Content Creation Company that delivers high-quality content. It is Christian’s hope that with the creativity of story-telling and the innovations of the digital age, that we can thrive to inspire the future.

    Since he was young, Christian Ladigoski has always been fascinated with creative and innovative endeavors. Starting with music, Christian has always been fascinated with rhythms and melodies. He picked up his first pair of sticks and began to play the drums. He is also a self-taught piano and guitar player and has played throughout all of his life. When he went to high-school, Christian started to find a true passion for music theory, which developed into an immersion into digital music and composition. He decided to pick up his first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and let his creativity soar through writing music. At the same time, YouTube was becoming an emerging platform and he decided to take full advantage of the opportunity. On November 29th, 2008, Cladd Studios, Ladigoski’s music and sound production studio, was born.

    For the next four years, Christian has dedicated to writing hundreds of compositions ranging from rock, jazz, hip-hop, beats, piano tracks, and EDM. However, the thing that he loved the most was creating film soundtracks and trailer music. He found his calling when he could use his film scores and music for other channels on YouTube. Christian became a YouTube Partner, collaborated with several channels and really made his mark on the video platform.

    Christian graduated from Hofstra University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering and focus in Media, Sound and Music Technology. Throughout his scholastic career, he has been able to explore a full immersion of creativity, technology and media trends in his four years. He started his media journey at Hofstra’s College Radio Station, WRHU-FM where he produced and created content for shows ranging from topics of political news, entertainment, LGBTQ culture, business, and local stories. While at the radio station, Christian co-founded and produced a hit show called “The Screening Room,” which was the first “Tri-State Film Radio Talk Show” that brought movies to the radio. Christian saw this as a growing opportunity for the station and over the course of 2 ½ years, it became a very popular program.

    Christian has also collaborated on several award-winning films, providing sound services including voiceovers, sound design and mixing, music editing and other audio essentials to create a truly beautiful listening experience. He has also had the privilege to work for big brand companies such as Cox Media Inc., NBC Universal LLC, The Walt Disney Company, USTA (United States Tennis Association) and HBO (Home Box Office) while providing technical expertise and being right at the heart of the media industry.

    Currently, Christian Ladigoski has been fond of the path of entrepreneurship, creating and owning multiple businesses that range from digital marketing, content creation, and E-Commerce. While being at the helm of NextCore Media LLC. As well as his production company, Cladd Studios, Christian plans to utilize trends in the internet marketing space in these industries to propel local businesses to a modern age, while also inspiring daily consumers through story-telling.

    Christian loves going to the movies, reading and jamming out to music with his friends, in his spare time.



    For Carousso Enterprises:

    All media, press, sponsorship and business inquiries and others should be directed via email to

    For NextCore Media, LLC:

    All media, press, sponsorship and business inquiries and others should be directed via email to



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