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  • Kevin O’Leary: AI bossware can ID protesters and bar them from jobs

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    • Kevin O’Leary says his firms go ‘dark and deep’ on job applicants
    • Anyone ID’d at protests isn’t considered any further
    • Think about your future and your personal brand, he advises

    (NewsNation) — In an interview on NewsNation’s “Elizabeth Vargas Reports” Thursday, “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary said he’s using AI-powered bossware with the ability to weed out potential employees who have participated in pro-Palestinian protests.

    “It’s happening right now as we speak. I’m just one firm doing this,” said O’Leary, who in addition to his experience in business also once campaigned to head Canada’s Conservative Party.

    O’Leary said U.S. employers currently use technology, including high-resolution video scans, for these types of hiring needs. He pointed out that the technology used to identify people in crowds, like college protests, is getting better, which may mean those protesters’ future job prospects could get worse.

    “When we dig deep into the dark web for your background, I’ll see you,” O’Leary said.

    He told Vargas that it was easy for Vietnam War protesters to be anonymous in the age of grainy 16 mm news film. Now, in the world of HD video and identity technology, a job applicant whose image pops up in a protest video would be done.

    “We don’t even consider that person. Why would we when we have lots of other people that aren’t burning stuff?”

    O’Leary said if your passion for a cause is more important than your future career, “Go for it.”

    “I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that. I think you should think about your future. Think about your career. Think about your personal brand,” he said.

    And, he said, think about all the opportunities you’ll never know that you missed.

    “You’ll never know what you didn’t get that loan, or that mortgage, or that job, or get that board seat.”

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