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  • Warning Signs of Neurologic Lyme Disease

    By Carousso Enterprises, LLC. and 3 Moms Organics, LLC

    Lyme disease can cause neurological complications, including numbness, pain, cognitive impairment, paralysis of the facial muscles, visual disturbances, and severe headaches.

    3 Moms Organics founders Jennifer Decker and Lisa-Jae Eggert spoke to highly regarded New York-based neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist Dr. Elena Frid of LEDA Medical for the educational video above about Lyme disease and its potential long-term symptoms. LEDA Medical specializes in autoimmune, Lyme and other tick borne illnesses.

    3 Moms Organics sells an EPA-approved tick and insect repellant called TickWise that prevents illnesses at the source. Their mission includes educating consumers about the dangers of tick borne illnesses and family preventative measures.

    3 Moms Organics’ educational videos, content and digital marketing strategies are produced and executed by Carousso Enterprises.

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