Neil A. Carousso produces and co-hosts WCBS Newsradio 880’s Small Business Spotlight series with Joe Connolly. Click here to watch the weekly video segments featuring advice for business owners on survival, recovery and growth opportunities.
  • The Multi-Tiered Approach to Gaining Exposure and Credibility. Become a Repeat Source for the Media

    Hosted by Moving Forward Small Business


    The conversation focuses on strategies for impact in branding and storytelling, specifically in the context of small businesses. The guests, Neil A. Carousso and Joe Connolly, share their expertise as journalists and news reporters, offering insights on what makes a business or entrepreneur story newsworthy and how to approach narrating a brand story. They emphasize the importance of being genuine, personable, and succinct in communication, as well as the value of building relationships with journalists and leveraging earned media opportunities. The conversation also touches on the multi-tiered approach to gaining exposure and the need for preparation and practice when engaging with the media. In this conversation, Jimmy Newson interviews Neil A. Carousso and Joe Connolly about the importance of professional media production and how to leverage earned media for business growth. They discuss the value of clear messaging, the role of professional media in getting attention and targeting different audiences, and the impact of media coverage on businesses. They also provide insights on becoming a repeat source for media outlets, leveraging social media to amplify media coverage, and the importance of storytelling and behind-the-scenes content. The conversation concludes with tips for local businesses and the importance of budgeting for marketing.


    • To make a business or entrepreneur story newsworthy, it is important to genuinely care about what you’re doing and communicate that passion to journalists.
    • When pitching a story to the media, it is best to call and speak directly to reporters, as they appreciate hearing from the business owner themselves.
    • Being succinct and focused in your pitch is crucial, as journalists are often pressed for time and need to quickly understand the value of the story.
    • To resonate with a wide audience and skeptics, it is important to be genuine, authentic, and personable when narrating your brand story.
    • Building relationships with journalists and being prepared for media opportunities, such as interviews, can help small businesses gain visibility and credibility.
    • A multi-tiered approach to gaining exposure, including press releases, media appearances, and social media promotion, is necessary for effective brand storytelling.
    • Practice and repetition are key to becoming comfortable and confident when engaging with the media and telling your business story. Clear messaging is crucial for capturing attention and engaging audiences.
    • Professional media production can help businesses get the best product shots, media attention, and target different audiences.
    • Being a repeat source for media outlets requires establishing credibility, being knowledgeable, and providing valuable information.
    • Leveraging social media can amplify media coverage and reach a wider audience.
    • Storytelling and behind-the-scenes content can be effective in showcasing a business and engaging customers.
    • Local businesses can reach out to local media outlets and reporters to get coverage and build credibility.
    • Budgeting for marketing is important for small businesses to ensure consistent growth and success.

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