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  • Mets 2021 Preview Special: J.D. Davis Optimistic About Upcoming MLB Season

    NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — With Mets Opening Day just two weeks away, J.D. Davis seems to already be settling into his role at third base and is hoping to win over fans.

    Speaking with Ed Coleman for WCBS 880’s 2021 Mets Preview Special on Tuesday, Davis said spring training in Port St. Lucie has been a learning experience and he is feeling confident.

    He says that the team is looking towards a championship this year, and they aren’t holding back in spring training, and they won’t be holding back in the regular season.

    Davis brought up an example from a play that went down in their game Tuesday afternoon, in which he decided to “roll the dice” in a move to take third base, saying he realized the other team would “have to make a perfect throw and a perfect catch on the run to even tag me.”

    “That’s what me and Luis Rojas and (Francisco) Lindor have been really talking about is being a super aggressive on the base pad, just to kind of push the envelope and know our limits,” Davis said. “Even if we get tagged out or run into an out, it does not matter. It’s willingness to make it out on the bases in spring training just to push the envelope.”

    After a breakout 2019 season, hopes were high for Davis in 2020. Unfortunately, things never really clicked and throughout the offseason, Davis’ spot on the team was not always guaranteed.

    However, the third baseman says he feels he has improved greatly and has been working with Mets coaches to fix some issues.

    “Working with the strength training and kind of the analytics, I play pretty good,” he told Coleman, saying he has improved his “staggered stance.” “You know, some people like to say, ‘you’re playing too high,’ but I’m able to kind of get into that good first step, in position and I’m able to move my feet and able to get to balls.”

    He says he has a lot of hope for the 2021 season and blamed the shortened season last year for the Mets failings.

    “We had a top five offense last year, average and all that. We got on base, we just never really got to score any runs, when you compare 2019 to 2020,” Davis said. “I think that just has to do with more of the 60 games than if you go to 162 games.”

    The third baseman notes that if the season had been longer, the Mets would have gone further but, he says the team has the ability to get to where they need to be this year.

    “You know, probably the second half, a lot of us get hot and we start having clutch hits just like we did. But I have all the confidence in this lineup right now,” said Davis.

    Neil A. Carousso produces special coverage of New York Mets baseball for the WCBS Mets Radio Network.

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