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  • James Comey Will Not Say Trump Obstructed Justice, Still No Evidence of Collusion with Russia

    By Neil A. Carousso

    Former FBI Director James Comey says President Donald J. Trump never obstructed justice. ABC News reports exclusively that Comey “will stop short of saying Trump obstructed justice.”

    On Thursday, it is expected the disgraced ex-FBI director will murk the waters without providing any evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia because he has testified under oath that there is none. Comey has also said, Trump and his team have not impeded the investigation.

    And as a point of clarity: All intelligence officials and politicians from both parties have concluded there is no evidence of collusion or change of votes at the ballots on November 8, 2016.

    Wednesday, a day before Comey’s highly anticipated trip to Capitol Hill, U.S. investigators said President Trump and the White House did not pressure them in any way regarding the Russia investigation. Media reports relying on unnamed sources had said otherwise.

    Last July, Comey revealed the laws that Hillary Clinton broke by illegally using a private email server. He then went above his duty to say that “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue criminal charges. This abnormal press conference occurred three days after former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met President Bill Clinton on the Phoenix tarmac to discuss “grandkids.”

    Lynch refused to recuse herself from the investigation, rather said she would take Comey’s recommendation, putting the onus of the Clinton investigations on someone who has inserted himself into the public political conversation since former President Barack Obama appointed him to the post.

    President Trump fired Comey, which he has the unfettered Constitutional authority to do. What has followed has been a series of insider leaks and stories portraying Comey as a victim. The New York Times even published a report that Comey wrote memos contrary to his public testimony that allegedly shows Trump tried to influence the investigation. The Times did not even read the memos for itself, publishing unverified claims.

    Now, House and Senate Intelligence Committees want to view all memos, if it exists, going back to the Obama Administration that could shed light on Comey’s decisions not to prosecute Clinton or pursue the IRS targeting scandal even leakers and any insight into Comey’s relationship with President Trump.

    The long-term fallout from this entire politicization of intelligence is the lack of trust with our allies in terms of intelligence sharing that is essential to preventing terror attacks. A mantra in World War II is “loose lips sink ships,” meaning our intelligence is critical to our national security advantages. Leaking and politicizing intelligence will put us at a disadvantaged position to prevent attacks, even cyber, on our nation especially when it involves ongoing investigations. Furthermore, glorification of leaking will harm U.S. national security by encouraging more traitors to leak classified information for what they deem justifiable such as bringing down our President.


    Featured Image Courtesy: Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images.

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